Ways to make things go viral

It has been a long long time, which I kept seeking for a correct life purpose. I have done this for few years, but still can’t found the answers.


Recently, I started writer blogs. Since I don’t quite know what my target is, so, I write blogs with a lot of topics. There are two topics quite popular. One is related to money, and one is related to dramas.

Surprisingly, the dramas related site has very outstanding performance, which I don’t expected. Even attract more traffic than the money related topic, which I thought it would be more popular.

Therefore, I started wondering what kind of topics can go viral easier? What  kind of topics are more popular?

I got a very good answer from Quora. A guy left a comment on my question: the funny things can go viral easier.

Then I started understand, previously, I have hold an event to give our free books about money making online, which sucks and no one came in. I have been thinking why people don’t feel excited for free gifts. Now I understand. The books I gave out is related to money, not funny enough. Although people love money, as same as me, I love funny things too. If I have enough money, I will spend most of my money on happy things.

Therefore, if I want my blogs be viral, it need to related to happy and funny things. This is the moat easiest way to go viral.

The whole thing is as same as my life. I keep searching for a target, such as buying a house. This is one of my target of course, but I also need something funny and happy, so that when I really buy a house successfully in the future, I still get a happy funny things to do as my life purpose. This keep me save from having no life purpose again after I successfully buy a house.

To conclude, starting from the coming 2014, I will start working on things related to fun. This also means, the blogging topics will start involving more funny and happy factors. I want to proof the following points to people:

1. Only when you are happy, then you can attact happy people come around

2. When a group of happening people joined, the positive energy is exponentially increased. This makes people feel good to share positive energy, which is , giving out their supports

3. If you don’t like to work, you can get rid of it. Concentrate on our happiness can bring all materials we need, including money and houses!

When I am feeling happy , then I can attract others who are happy to join too. This is the way to make things go viral. Continue reading