CoinAd payout is pending

In the previous post about CoinAd,  we have talked about the beautiful points of CoinAd, which is the easy and quick on getting a payout.

Since bitcoin is quite expensive right now, and its values may rise up again soon, it is better for bitcoin owners to get their payout of bitcoin as soon as possible. Even it is not a whole full bitcoin but just a $0.00001 bitcoin, I still suggest users to cashout the earning first. Even you don’t have a full coin yet, you can still use it to purchase something, or even use it on investment! Some of the sites will put extra transaction fee on the small payments, but some just ignore the transaction fee and automatically issue payment to users once a threshold is reached. If your case belongs to the latter one, which is exactly how CoinAd work, then why not cashout as early as possible?

But while trying out best to cashout early, we still have one point to concern, which is the point that I forgot to mention in the last post, the payment proof!

I have just reach the cashout threshold and got a pending payment. I will provide a payment proof once CoinAd finish off the payment.


CoinAd payout pending

Stay tune to see how CoinAd can be trust.

Meanwhile, I suggest you to register and earn some bitcoins first:

Register to earn free bitcoin:

Simply click on the link below and register, you can then start by clicking ‘View Ads’ on the top!

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CoinAd – free bitcoin provider with best payout rate

Remember when bitcoin start being launched, there is only one way to get bitcoin, to mine. However after year’s of transformation, multiple methods of earning bitcoin have been developed, such as mining in pools, mining with special hardware, exchange with currencies market,etc. Now we have another more simple method, using CoinAd.

CoinAd is a simple site, which allows registered members to earn bitcoin through watching ads, just for a few seconds! There are many other similar sites. Member input their wallet address, view some ads, and then earn bitcoin. No skills are required. Then why use CoinAd?

1. CoinAd outstands herself by a better payout rate. Other sites such as DailyBitcoins, you can earn bitcoin by simply entering a specified code (just to proof you are human but not robot, to prevent spamming attacks). However, although action is simple, but you need to spend a lot of time on it. The reason is that each time you can only earn 0.000003 bitcoin (it said large prize will be randomly generated, but I haven’t seen it before), then you need to wait for an hour to do it again. Therefore your earning per day is limited. On the other hand, CoinAd can generate more. It show a list of available ads per day, and what you need to do is just to wait click on which ad you want to watch, input a specified code, wait for a few seconds (normally not exceed 20 seconds) , and finish! The number of seconds and how much bitcoin you will get, are clearly specified. The vest thing is the payout rate is high, normally 0.000014. Payment threshold is 0.0003, which mean you only need to watch 21 ads to cashout! It’s quick! Right?


2. No time limit. CoinAd let members to view ads as soon as they want. There are not limit on the interval time in between two views, whereas DailyBitcoins need member to wait one hour after each click! So members need to keep monitoring and coming back each hour!

3. CoinAd’s interface are much better, and formal. This give us a more professional impression. Trust me, there are a lot of worse sites which even does not allow members to check our own balances!

4. The Ads shown are always related to bitcoin, which mean that if you read on it, you may get new information on bitcoin mining!

5. Affiliate program is available. Each time your direct referrals click on PTC (Paid-to-Click) advertisements, not only do they get paid but you get paid too.
You get from 10 to 20% of your referrals earning by clicking PTC advertisements.

Register to earn free bitcoin:

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