Level of trust in bitcoin

When people talk about bitcoin in Hong Kong, most of the people response :” What is Bitcoin”?

Although news of bitcoin keep appears on the newspaper in Hong Kong these days, there are still many people don’t know what it exactly is.

The reason is, digital currency is still not quite popular in Asian countries. People trust paper money more, even it is not as convenient as digital currencies like bitcoin and litecoin. The situation that looks like digital currency most in Hong Kong is money transfer through bank.

If you ask 10 people in Hong Kong, 9 of them may answer you that they don’t use bitcoin. Personally, I think the reason is that the trading channels are not reliable or convenient here. There are only 1-2 bitcoin exchange sites can be found in Google which are based in Hong Kong. Both of them are not having good reputation. How can Hong Kong residence trust and trade bitcoin?

And if they can’t get bitcoin easily, how can they feel happy with bitcoin?

Therefore, if you live in Hong Kong and love bitcoin, I suggest you to promote bitcoin and tell your friends how good it is, starting from today.


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Views on bitcoin industry in China

Bitcoin are hot in western country like US and Europe, but it is as cold as ice in Asia.

Bitcoin appears in newspaper in Asia countries too. Especially this few recent weeks. This is because of the big boost in the price of bitcoin.

However, people in Asia just ‘heard about’ bitcoin, but don’t really know how it works, or even how to use them. 10 out of 9 people don’t even have a Bitcoin wallet. It is more appropriate to say they don’t know what bitcoin really is.

BTCChina, one of the most biggest bitcoin exchange and trading centre, however, works great and stable. The reason is that it is based at China, which has so high population and a small percentage contain a 10- 20 thousand of people. Therefore, even 1% of the population play bitcoin, can boost up the bitcoin price.
Therefore, BTCChina has a clever choice on the location.

However, in other Asian countries other than China, there are still very little stable and reliable bitcoin exchanges. This could be one of the reason that most of the Asian people don’t play with bitcoin yet.


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A place to find the best Adsense Alternatives

Recently I have started building my websites and trying to earn some money from them. I used to use Google Adsense for the site monetization, but had been banned just like many other sufferers on the internet.

I have tried so hard to seek for another Adsense alternatives, but no luck, either the ad networks don’t pay well, or they don’t accept newbie websites.

Since my sites traffics are mostly Asian traffic, the problem is worse as most of the sites doesn’t support Non- English sites.

Google Adsense alternatives for Asian Traffic

I know how hard it is to find a good ad network to monetize a website. I have tried so many networks that I even forgot why I left them. Because of scam? Or low fill rates? I can’t remember. Then I need to re-register and try them again and find out ‘Oh Yes the visitor counts of this site is always wrong!’. That is so stupid and a waste of time.

Therefore, I am going to record down all my experiences on this sites, from mainly the following aspects:

1.Fill rates
2.Pay rates, e.g. eCPM rates
3.Ads models (CPM,CPC,CPA or CPX?Popups or Popunder?)
4.Support Asian traffic?
5.Need support trouble approval? Any minimum requirements such as monthly unique visitors?
6.Payment Method
7.Payment threshold
8.Proper Support?
9.Is there any complaints for delayed payment? Is it a scam network?

I will concentrate on these points as they are the most important concerns when I check out a ad network and see if I should give it a try. Hopefully you all can get some benefits from these so that none of your valuable time is wasted! Continue reading