Search Traffic and SEO

Search traffics also referred as search engine traffics, which means those site visitors flow coming to the site through search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even Baidu in China.

Search traffic are always like to SEO (Seach Traffic Optimization), which referred to the techniques and best practices that are used when developing content of a website. The reason that SEO is so important is because every site owner wants their site to be popular and easily found in different search engines, which will then drive a super large volume of visitors into the site.

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Think about it, how many internet surfers use search engines like Google to search? If your site can be listed in first page of Google, can you imagine how many people will be directed to your site?

It must be many!

Therefore, site owners try their best to apply SEO techniques as much as possible, so that people can come in as a fluent flow. If a site owners has added some ads in theirs sites, (such as Klixfeed ) , they can earn money from each visitor! That can be a lot!

You may wonder, why bother to learn SEO practices? If I am a site owner, I can share my site in Social Networks such as Facebook! I can still get lots of traffic each day.

Yes you are right, social networks promoting is always an alternative of SEO. However this is another level of traffic direction, a more advanced level. Think about it, for search traffic, you only need 1 action, to apply SEO. However to use social networks promotion, you need 2 levels of action, share your site content to social networks like Facebook, and promote that social networks site! The social network that you are using, such as a Facebook page, also need to be popular, need to be hot, and need to be easily found! Otherwise, no matter how many web content you share to that page, no one will see it!

Now you can see, SEO is the simplest way to attract more and more visitors to come by your site, which can leads to Better reputation or even money. Many web owners earn a fulltime livings based on this. Our site will give more information on how to use SEO to earn you money, stay tuned!

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