Saying Goodbye to Qadabra

As mentioned previously, I am still seeking for the best Google Adsense alternatives. I have tried a lot of available choices but each of them has a disadvantage. None of them can compatible with Adsense and we can only find one fit better to our sites than the others. Previously I tried on Qadabra for a period of time, around 1-2 weeks. Let’s see how it works.

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Fill rates:

Fill rates of Qadabra is very good, I think it is 100% as I have never see an empty ads. However, most of the ads are not ‘download now’ as.

Ads quality:

Qadabra’s ads quality are not good, but not worse. They doesn’t serve redirect ads as cpmleader does. However, Qadabra always show ‘Download Now’ ads, or ads with popup messages. If user click on OK button on the popup message, they will be directed to another site. I am not quite sure if these can be classified as spam ads, but it is just very annoying.

Ads, Ads Networks, Adsense, Adsense alternatives, cpm, ecpm, Google Adsense,Qadabra

Ads, Ads Networks, Adsense, Adsense alternatives, cpm, ecpm, Google Adsense,Qadabra

Ads models (CPM,CPC,CPA or CPX?Popups or Popunder?)

Qadabra works in CPM model. Clicks doesn’t leads to revenue by themselves but they will increase the eCPM value and finally positively increase the publisher’s earnings.

Pay rates:

Qadabra’s pay rate is quite low. It is around 0.01 for each million traffic. Qadabra’s publisher pannel rounded up all figures in to 2 decimal places so cannot specifically check the revenue earned by each click. Also Qadabra’s publisher revenue is calculated base on eCPM, which the formular of the eCPM calculations are not publicly announced, so it is difficult to estimate the specific rate.

Anyway, with around 100 of page views, I got 0.01 of eCPM rate and $0 revenue. This is definetly too less.

Support Asian traffic:

Yes, Qadabra support Asian traffic, but the rates are less  for Asian traffic.

Need support trouble approval?

Qadabra doesn’t need any approval. You can simply input details of your site and start earning.

Payment Method:

They support :
- PayPal
- Prepaid Payoneer MasterCard®
- Wire transfer via Payoneer

Payment threshold:

Their threshold is $1 with NET 45.

Proper Support?

I personnaly didn’t ask for help from Qadabra support as everything are working normal. Checked out the internet and found a lot of positive comments on the support.

Is there any complaints for delayed payment? Is it a scam network?

Temporarily not, Qadabra is archieving quite good impressions and comments are positive.


To conclude, Qadabra is actually quite a good CPM network for US residences. However, their down-grading ad quality and too low rate for Asian traffics force me to leave.

If you don’t mind of the ads quality, you are still recommended to join.

Link to Qadabra:

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  1. My account was terminated for worthless reasons. They said I got suspicious traffic which don’t make sense to me. They literally ruin your efforts.

  2. After 5 months my earning are 0.45 $ having at least 250 views per day on my site. i looking for alternative now. Not recommended

    • Qadabra is revenue sharing site so its obvious they pay very low. I have only earned $0.65 having 10K + impression from my main site.

  3. Use DFP for small business for all this. They will find out any policy violation before ad serving.
    And also you can track impression and all and verify all your creatives in one place.
    I have noticed once the ad network knows you are using the code with DFP they generally serve better quality ads and never such pop ups and all.
    You might have to drop them a mail though many network ask it explicitly.

    Hope it helps in all your future experiments too. :)

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