Google Search Index is working very slow

In digital online marketing, it is very important to get a webmaster’s site indexed by Google Search Engine.  Google Search Index becomes a spotlight among the concepts of Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) as every webmaster want their site to be easily found by visitors. (For more details on the SEO and search traffic, please refer to the previous article: Search Traffic & SEO).

I have added my site to both Google Search Engine and Bing Search. Still haven’t try on Baidu as my site are not quite targeting the Mainland China market as Baidu does. Base on my experience, making our websites to be found in Google Search Engine is the most important task in digital marketing concepts.  It is also important that the site is indexed by Bing or Baidu, but these are comparatively unimportant as relatively less users use these 2 Search Engines to search for information.

That’s my I always pay more attention on the status of Google Search Index. However, based on my experience on the past few weeks, I found that the indexing speed, which is the Google spider robot’s crawling speed, is quite slow.

After webmasters submitted websites to Google for indexing, nothing they can do further to control the whole process. It is Google to control the whole indexing process.

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I have created a new site, and submitted the sitemap to Google at 9 Oct 2013. Actually I have submitted the site once more before, but I have modified my site, and therefore re-submitted the site again to Google and Bing once more on 9 Oct 2013.

As you may already seen in the pic, the submitted sitemap includes only 33 items, including pages, comments, categories, tags, archives, etc. That’s definitely not much. A mature website can have thousands of entries to be indexed.

However, days passed, today is 11 Oct 2013 already, but only 6 entries are indexed. Google Webmaster tools didn’t specify any errors, so the indexing should be running smooth and didn’t encounter any errors. I can’t check which 6 entries are indexed and which are not as Google Webmaster tools are not providing the details.

This issues are badly affecting me as if my sites are not fully indexed, no matter how much content I have developed for my site, no one can see it, may be only a few.

I have also re-submit my site map to Bing Search.

Let’s see how long Bing takes to index all entries.

baidu, bing, google, Google Search Engine, Google Search Index, Indexing, Webmaster, Webmaster tools

I will keep tracking and search for solution on the slow indexing. If you have any similar experience, please advice!

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