– successful payment with payment proof

Previously we have introduce a good site which let us earn free bitcoins, which is CoinAd. Now, let’s introduce another good site,

Compare with CoinAd, is much more simple. You only need to login, and click on the ‘Roll’ button. You can then got a random number, which is mapped to how much bitcoin you will earn. You may refer to the payout table to check how much you can earn. For  example, in the captured picture below, if you roll a dice with number in between 0 & 9885, you will earn 0.00001. - interface playing result

Payment Proof allow user to group the pending earnings and pay at once. Few days ago, pay all the pending earnings on Monday. But it seems to changed to pay at certain threshold (0.00005460  BTC), we still need some time to see if the threshold is still changing.

imageYou may refer to the pic below for the payment proof of


Personnally I quite recommend as it is very simple, no need to enter long security code.

If you want to join, you may refer to the link below:


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