Views on bitcoin industry in China

Bitcoin are hot in western country like US and Europe, but it is as cold as ice in Asia.

Bitcoin appears in newspaper in Asia countries too. Especially this few recent weeks. This is because of the big boost in the price of bitcoin.

However, people in Asia just ‘heard about’ bitcoin, but don’t really know how it works, or even how to use them. 10 out of 9 people don’t even have a Bitcoin wallet. It is more appropriate to say they don’t know what bitcoin really is.

BTCChina, one of the most biggest bitcoin exchange and trading centre, however, works great and stable. The reason is that it is based at China, which has so high population and a small percentage contain a 10- 20 thousand of people. Therefore, even 1% of the population play bitcoin, can boost up the bitcoin price.
Therefore, BTCChina has a clever choice on the location.

However, in other Asian countries other than China, there are still very little stable and reliable bitcoin exchanges. This could be one of the reason that most of the Asian people don’t play with bitcoin yet.


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First bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong, a promotional startup project for Asian

While college kids were collecting funds for their Game day (further details can be found here), a team of teenagers are trying to collect USD 300,000 using Indiegogo for a Bitcoin promotion project in Asia, starting from Hong Kong.

The new startup team, BTCHK (Facebook page: here), include a group of Hong Kong teenagers. Although Bitcoin is so popular now in US and Europe, it is still not that hot in Asian countries, such as Hong Kong.

Situations in Asian countries like Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading international financial centres, situated on China’s south coast. However, in the bitcoin industry, Hong Kong still does not have a reliable bitcoin exchange company. There is an exchange agent, BTCChina, but it is located at mainland China, which other far away cities like Hong Kong cannot easily deposit cash to it for bitcoin trading. The whole deposit process involves lots of middle-man companies, which incur extra transaction fees.


The Project Details

Indiegogo-bitcoin for Asian

The reason that Asia country is not that into bitcoin is that Asian still not fully trust a virtual currency. Therefore, in order to promote the benefits and advantages of bitcoin, BTCHK started a promotion project for Asian. The project includes:

1. Setup the first bitcoin exchange agency site “BTCHK”, which will locate in Hong Kong and support major Asian currencies.

2. Publish and distribute books to show people how to use bitcoin, including normal buy/sell operation and trading details.

3. Provide consultancy services to help individuals and business owners to start using bitcoin.
If this project succeeds, large volume of Asian will be introduced to bitcoin. The demand of bitcoin maybe greatly increases in a short period of time, which may bring another boost up on the bitcoin price.

Status of the crowd-funding campaign

Compare with other crowd-funding campaign, the fund collection period is quite short. The campaign started yesterday at 30 November 2013, and is going to be ended at 26 December 2013, which is Boxing Day of this year’s Christmas.

The campaign only has 26 days left for fund collection. If you are Asian, will you give this campaign a little support? Can the Asian have got a big gift at Boxing Day?

No matter we are in Asian countries or not, the success of this project can boost up the bitcoin price through increasing the Asian demands of bitcoin. Even we are living in US, we can still get the benefits.

You may refer to the details of the project through:
Indiegogo campaign list:
BTCHK official Facebook page:


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Land Of Bitcoin – auto earn without doing anything

Just found another great site for earning free bitcoin, and would like to share with all of you. The site is named Land Of Bitcoin, and the greatest thing of this site is that, you do not need to do anything to earn bitcoin. You just need to register for a new account, and then wait.

After you log into your new accoutn, you will be directed to the page as captured as below. You will found that the blue horizontal status bar on the top-right hand corner keep auto counting. Even you didn’t do anything. That is how you earn bitcoin from Land Of Bitcoin. You just need to wait the blue bar to increase, and so do the bitcoin value.

Whenever the bitcoin value is positive, you can click on the Cashout button to get paid. Even you only got 0.00000006 as captured in the picture below, you can still cashout.

land of bitcoin - auto earn without doing anything

But, if the cashout amount is too small, the payment is still delayed as a pending payment. Once you have got 0.0001 bitcoin, the pending amount will be sent to your bitcoin wallet!

Land Of Bitcoin - Earn Bitcoin by doing nothing

That’s it! No need to click ads, no need to enter security code, you just need to login and let your computer wait. Bitcoin will come in by itself.

The site also has some referrals to other free bitcoin earning site. You may try on it if you are free.

Now, if you are interested on earning easy bitcoin, click on the link below and register!

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CoinAd payout is pending

In the previous post about CoinAd,  we have talked about the beautiful points of CoinAd, which is the easy and quick on getting a payout.

Since bitcoin is quite expensive right now, and its values may rise up again soon, it is better for bitcoin owners to get their payout of bitcoin as soon as possible. Even it is not a whole full bitcoin but just a $0.00001 bitcoin, I still suggest users to cashout the earning first. Even you don’t have a full coin yet, you can still use it to purchase something, or even use it on investment! Some of the sites will put extra transaction fee on the small payments, but some just ignore the transaction fee and automatically issue payment to users once a threshold is reached. If your case belongs to the latter one, which is exactly how CoinAd work, then why not cashout as early as possible?

But while trying out best to cashout early, we still have one point to concern, which is the point that I forgot to mention in the last post, the payment proof!

I have just reach the cashout threshold and got a pending payment. I will provide a payment proof once CoinAd finish off the payment.


CoinAd payout pending

Stay tune to see how CoinAd can be trust.

Meanwhile, I suggest you to register and earn some bitcoins first:

Register to earn free bitcoin:

Simply click on the link below and register, you can then start by clicking ‘View Ads’ on the top!

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Previously we have introduce a good site which let us earn free bitcoins, which is CoinAd. Now, let’s introduce another good site,

Compare with CoinAd, is much more simple. You only need to login, and click on the ‘Roll’ button. You can then got a random number, which is mapped to how much bitcoin you will earn. You may refer to the payout table to check how much you can earn. For  example, in the captured picture below, if you roll a dice with number in between 0 & 9885, you will earn 0.00001. - interface playing result

Payment Proof allow user to group the pending earnings and pay at once. Few days ago, pay all the pending earnings on Monday. But it seems to changed to pay at certain threshold (0.00005460  BTC), we still need some time to see if the threshold is still changing.

imageYou may refer to the pic below for the payment proof of


Personnally I quite recommend as it is very simple, no need to enter long security code.

If you want to join, you may refer to the link below:

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CoinAd – free bitcoin provider with best payout rate

Remember when bitcoin start being launched, there is only one way to get bitcoin, to mine. However after year’s of transformation, multiple methods of earning bitcoin have been developed, such as mining in pools, mining with special hardware, exchange with currencies market,etc. Now we have another more simple method, using CoinAd.

CoinAd is a simple site, which allows registered members to earn bitcoin through watching ads, just for a few seconds! There are many other similar sites. Member input their wallet address, view some ads, and then earn bitcoin. No skills are required. Then why use CoinAd?

1. CoinAd outstands herself by a better payout rate. Other sites such as DailyBitcoins, you can earn bitcoin by simply entering a specified code (just to proof you are human but not robot, to prevent spamming attacks). However, although action is simple, but you need to spend a lot of time on it. The reason is that each time you can only earn 0.000003 bitcoin (it said large prize will be randomly generated, but I haven’t seen it before), then you need to wait for an hour to do it again. Therefore your earning per day is limited. On the other hand, CoinAd can generate more. It show a list of available ads per day, and what you need to do is just to wait click on which ad you want to watch, input a specified code, wait for a few seconds (normally not exceed 20 seconds) , and finish! The number of seconds and how much bitcoin you will get, are clearly specified. The vest thing is the payout rate is high, normally 0.000014. Payment threshold is 0.0003, which mean you only need to watch 21 ads to cashout! It’s quick! Right?


2. No time limit. CoinAd let members to view ads as soon as they want. There are not limit on the interval time in between two views, whereas DailyBitcoins need member to wait one hour after each click! So members need to keep monitoring and coming back each hour!

3. CoinAd’s interface are much better, and formal. This give us a more professional impression. Trust me, there are a lot of worse sites which even does not allow members to check our own balances!

4. The Ads shown are always related to bitcoin, which mean that if you read on it, you may get new information on bitcoin mining!

5. Affiliate program is available. Each time your direct referrals click on PTC (Paid-to-Click) advertisements, not only do they get paid but you get paid too.
You get from 10 to 20% of your referrals earning by clicking PTC advertisements.

Register to earn free bitcoin:

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