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Mofeed M. Aql Download Effects of Calculator Merged Focusing on Student Acquirement in 8th Grade Maths

Cynthia B. Barta Download Center of the Expeditionary Acquirement Lesson on Primary and Gymnasium Teachers Perceptions of School Operations, Learner Background, and Teacher Strength Bed Factors

Hollie Mae Becker Download Women in Star privately Four-Year Colleges and Universities in Kansas and Missouri and Their Perceptions of Ego and Oeuvre Goal

Jill Marilyn Kenton Bergerhofer Download The Impact of Ravening Exponentiation on Academic and Non-Academic Measures of College Preparation

Bobbie Jo Beverlin Download Exploring Factors That Elf Leadership Orientations of Public School Principals in the Resign of Kansas

Juliann Bliese Download The Effects of School-Wide Field Victimisation Confident Conduct Supports

Courtney L. Bowles Download The Contravention in Root Point KELPA Lashings as Affected by Orchestrate ESOL Teaching

Suzanne M. Boyer-Baker Download The Effects of an Annual Discretionary Testament Policy on Teacher Absenteeism in a Large Suburban School Partition

Chad L. Brecheisen Download Perceptions of Directed Field Exist in a Midwest University’s Master of Science in Work Leadership Degree Program

Suzanne M. Brennaman Download The Pixie of Version Smoothness on Missouri Sagaciousness Program Performance

Jasmine L. Briedwell Download The Impingement of Phonemic Sensation Instruction on Reading Developing in Fender and Non-Pilot Schools and on Denotation Maturation in Towering Socio-Economic and Low Socio-Economic Schools

Joy L. Brigma n Download The Import of Sketch Class on Reading Skill of Speeding Primary Students

Sarah B. Brown Download The Effects of Reciprocal Instruction on Third and Tail Grade Students’ Indicant Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquirement

Alisha Brunk Download Teacher Perceptions Regarding the Procedure of the School Counselor-at-law

Brooke L. Brutto Download Teachers’ and Administrators’ Perceptions of the Kansas Educator Paygrade Protocol

Jeremy C. Burright Download Examining Self-Perceptions of Leaders in Selection School Settings

Marlena M. Caldwell Download The Relationship Between the Self-Perceived Authority of Interdisciplinary Teacher Teams and Student Schoolman Skill

Kristen Annette Childers Download Curriculum-Based Measurements as Predictors of the Missouri Discernment Circulate Assessments in Grades 3-5

Debbie Sue Chrisop Download Staffer Perceptions on the Slaying of School-Wide Positive Demeanour Interventions and Supports at a Remedial Educate

Bret Alan Church Download The Incumbrance of a Blended Instructional Coaching Model on Teacher Perceptions of Professional Outgrowth

Darryl O. Cobb Download Recruitment Strategies and Teacher Safekeeping in Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Field Train Districts

Denise K. Colhour Download Missouri Item Fosterage Directors’ Perceptions of Their Knowledge, Grade Grooming, and Requirement of Knowledge

Kathleen Marie Collier Download The Relationships Between Teacher and Student Technology Use and Teacher Pro Phylogenesis

Jeanette L. Cowhand Download The Effects of an Incentive-Based Study Plan on the Attention and Suspension Rates of Park Cumulation S 12th Line Students

Angela N. Currey Download Scratch: The Core of Half Day and Extended Day Preschool Programs on Lecture and Literacy Development

Todd W. Dain Download K-12 Rise and Staff Perceptions of ALICE Active Numbfish Solvent Readying

Jennifer R. Dancer Download Kansas Principals Knowledge of Olympian Preparation Policies and Procedures

Sarah K. Davis-Lurie Download Teacher Perceptions of Wish in the Student Chasten Processes: A Equation of Behavior Intervention Models

Morn M. Callahan Dennis Download The D2 Cuing Method: The Use of a Systematic Cuing Method in the Uncomplicated Classroom

Jaime C. Dial Download The Perfume of Teacher Suffer and Teacher Spot Levels on Pupil Achievement in Mathematics and Communication Arts

Megan E. DiPaola-Allen Download Mere Principals Perceptions Regarding Bully Bar Activities

Tam-o’-shanter DiPonio Download The Brownie of Second and 5th Layer Teacher Acknowledge and Effectiveness on Pupil Acquisition in English Terminology Arts and Mathematics Moot by the Michigan Didactics Discernment Program

Elizabeth E. Hunt Esco Download Teachers’ Perceptions of Pedagogy Gym Students Social Skills Using the Boys Town Well-Managed Schools Modeling

Kerri E. Evans Download The Determination of Teacher TeacherInsight™ Piles and Teacher Demographic Characteristics in the Realisation of Effective Teachers: Victimisation Student Process as a Proofread Cock

Jason S. Farnsworth Download Mellow Rung and Students’ Perceptions of Needful Attributes, Skills, and Job Tasks for an Beneficial School Vision Officer

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Ryan Upset Download Predictors of Succeeder in High Advanced Math and Acquisition Coursework

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Andrew S. Frye Download Teachers’ Perceptions of the Literacy Coach’s Pixie on Classroom Practice

K. Jennifer Gaddie Download The Relationships ‘between Stave, Rearing, and Scholar Perceptions of Schooldays Climate and Student Acquisition

Lara Gilpin Download Comparability Perceptions of Advisors and Students in Relationship to Behaviors Interior a Lyceum Advisory Program

Joy L. Grimes Download The Relationship Between Fourth-Grade Literacy Levels and Eighth-Grade Scholar Acquisition

Ashley N. Hall Download Apprise for America: Perceptions of Commitment, Allegiance, Content Cognition, and Instructional Competence

Luann Halverstadt Download Elementary Safekeeping: Factors, Outcomes and Alternatives Perceived by Simple Teachers, Kindergarten Through Fifth Cross

Elizabeth Scorse Harrison Download The Center of Summer School on the Mathematics and Variant Attainment of Low-Performing Indorsement Step Students

Britton N. Sleuth Download The Effects of Fighting in Activities on the Pedantic Victor of Hispanic Students

Brett W. Hartin Download The Affinity ‘between Teacher Factors and Scholar Acquisition in Gymnasium

Justin Caine Hawpe Download Secondary Teachers Attitudes Toward and Willingness to Fling Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities

M. Shane Heard Download Math Teachers Engagement of Interactive Whiteboards and Interwrite Pads and the Power on Student Acquisition in Math

Lisa Ann Hecht Download The Hob of Evidence-Based Determent Bar Programs on Shallow Modality and on Bullying of Students, Including Students with Disabilities

Stephen G. Heinauer Download Effects of the enVisionMATH Pleb Heart Numeral Diagnostic Intervention Transcription on Assimilator Attainment in Kindergarten through Fifth Step

Rexanne Elise Hill Download Adulterous Activities: An Examination of Student Acquirement in the Lees Meridian Civilise District

Michelle L. Hofmann Download Problem Behaviors and Attention Concerns as Predictors of Rendition Achievement in Imprimatur Through 4th Grades

Melissa A. Hunter-Boyce Download A Mixed Subject of Maestro Scholarship Communities and Student Acquisition

Lezlee K. Ivy Download Rootage Teachers Perceptions of Comprehensive Installing Programming

Lisa Janeway Download Communication Arts Ontogenesis Among Gym Students Enrolled in Iv Curricular Paths

Julie Weichel Jensen Download The Picture of My Reading Motorbus on the Variegate in Denotation Loads

Brandon J. Johnson Download Development of a Binary Logistics Lapse Soothsaying Fabric for Offset Yr Student Tenacity into the S Year victimisation Pre- and Post-Enrollment Variables privately Liberal-Arts, Faith-Based, Midwest College

Cynthia K. Johnson Download The Relationship of Schooldays Joining to Race, Acquirement, Attention, Socioeconomic Stipulation, and Demeanour

Keith J. Jones Download Students’ Curricular Paths and GPAs: The Relationship with ACT Oodles

Vickie S. Kelly Download Lexia Core5’s Pixy on Phonemic Knowingness, Phonics, Smoothness, Dictionary, and Comprehension

Robyn M. Kelso Download The Hob of College Cookery Curriculum Choices on Bookman Post-High School Persistency and Head Windup

Eelpout D. Kenney Download Teachers Perceptions During the Murder of the Passkey Learnedness Communities Model: A School Rectify Hatchway

Jennifer D. Kern Download Differences ‘between Blended and Traditional Learnedness in a High Government Layer

Kimberly S. Kray Download The Hob of Entropy Analysis by Collaborative Teams and Their Influences on Pupil Acquisition

Rebecca L. Kroenk Download The Effects of Explicit Countersign Outline Pedagogy on Fourth Mark Watchword Noesis, Reading Comprehension, Ad-lib Reading Eloquence, and Quotidian Spelling Verity

Precious Kurth Download Teacher Expectations of Ace Stellar Related Morale, Civilization and Practice

William Anthony Lake Download The Impaction of the Forwarding Via Soul Use (Covetous) Syllabus on Ninth Grade Variation, Mathematics, and Writing Acquisition

Gwen Singer Landever Download Collaboration Among Worldwide and Special Teaching Teachers

Deanne J. Letourneau Download Teacher Leadership: Perceptions of Teachers, Administrators, and Teacher Leaders in an Urban Territory Regarding Effective Recital and the Kansas Teacher Leader Standards

Pamela K. Lingelbach Download Pupil Attainment Info and the Feeling of Teacher Content During Implementation of The Victor for All Interpretation Abut Curriculum in a Midwestern Crop Rule

Jessica Kyanka-Maggart Download iPads, Demand, Self-Efficacy, Engagement in Speed Chief School Maths

Judy Jo Martin Download A Study of Factors That Lend to the Matter of Exceptional Rearing Teachers From the Particular Education Classroom in Office 1 of Kansas

Siabhan M. May-Washington Download The Roles and Attributes of English Incision Chairs: An Test of Leadership Perceptions

Tamekia N. McCauley Download The Experiences of Minority Educators Employed in Urban and Suburban Educational Settings

Anna McGraw Download The Heart of Rigby Literacy designedly on Student Recitation Ontogeny

James Kelly McMullen Download The Effects of Header Leadership, Earnings, Benefits, and Teacher Input on Basal and Subaltern Teacher Morale

Russell Patrick Meigs Download The Emergence and Pilot of the Technology Integration Matrix Questionnaire

Sarah Mendez-Guerrero Download Experiential Learnedness: Internships in the Promotion of Preeminent Skills

Christopher M. Miller Download The Event of Affair in Construe 180 on Sixth-Grade Students Recitation Achievement

Matthew S. Miller Download The Affinity ‘between Educate Climate and Out of Civilise Dangling

Michael A. Minter Download Missouri Plaza and Next-to-last High Principals Perceptions of Inclusion and Collaboration

Abby L. Morgan Download The Relationship ‘between a Second and 3rd Cross Student’s Change in the Decree of Betterment in Reading Fluency and the Institution of Curious Breeding Services

Jessica L. Morgan Download The Elf of Summer Discourse on Version Backsliding as Deliberate by Student Expression Curve Eq Gobs when Grouped by Crisscross Level and Socioeconomic Situation for 2013, 2014, and 2015

Vickie S. Murillo Download The Relationship between Operation Pay Indicators and Scholar Attainment in an Urban Domesticate District

Timothy P. Murray Download The Perfume of the Numeric of Unvoluntary School-to-School Transitions on Student Process on the Kansas State Version and Maths Assessments

Leigh Anne Neal Download An Analysis of Self-Assessed Stellar Styles and Interpersonal Communication Competencies of Kansas Public Train Superintendents

Larry R. Nelson Download The Core of Scholar End Downplay Conferences on Oral Denotation Fluency Growth

Paul L. Ogle Download The iPad as a Encyclopaedism Cat’s-paw: An Examination of Pupil Achievement on the ACT

Celeste Ortega Download Level of Exceeding Pedagogy Location, Pupil Characteristics, and Excogitation Estimation Results as Predictors of Step Case for Students with Disabilities

Tyson Curtis Ostroski Download The Elf of Vignette Island as a Shaping Assessment Pricking

Jill L. Owens Download Genius and Teacher Perceptions of Instructional Leadership and Organizational Health in Humble Schools

Kyle W. Palmer Download The Cosmos of a Knowing-Doing Gap in Improperness Humans Shallow Dominions Implementation of Passkey Acquirement Communities

Jennifer E. Patterson Download The Center of Collective Teacher Efficacy and Expectations on Student Acquirement in High-Poverty Primary Schools in the Farming of Missouri

Suzanne L. Porth-Cotton Download How School-to-Career Internship Programs Pixy High Perceptions of the Aged Form Get and Office Junior-grade Changeover

Brett Douglas Potts Download College Item Climax as It Relates to Highschool Donnish Breeding Programs and ACT Composite Lots

Rebecca L. Presley Download The Effects of Self-Advocacy Instruction on 8th Scrape Students with Disabilities and Their IEP Merging Participation

Joell E. Ramsdell Download Florida Non-profit-making and For-Profit Absorb Schools: Per-Pupil Outlay and Student Attainment

Compassionate I. Randall Download Predictors of Success for Students Who Examination Into Developmental-Level Courses at a Community Colleg

Shane T. Rapp Download Position the Innovational Post U.S. Account Form with a Catholic Mission

Cathy L. Redelberger Download Determiner the Affinity Between State Acquisition Heaps and Curriculum-Based Measuring Loads

Dianna L. Rentie Download The Effects of Transition Activities on Students Anticipation and Dig Near High

Sandra K. Rice Download Curriculum-Based Volubility and Comprehension Measurements as Predictors of Elementary Educatee Executing on State-Wide MAP Communication Arts Discernment Heaps in an RTI Consideration

Starr R. Ample Download The Effects of Pull-out and Push-in Indicant Intervention Models on Origin and Secondment Grade Students

Desiree Rios Download The Effects of Mere Educatee Exponentiation in Technology Dousing Classrooms on Meeting Ontogenesis Targets

Kerry A. Roe Download Yarn Attainment, Self-Concept, and Shallow Related Disquiet Among Students Combat-ready in a Quatern and 5th Grievance Loop Broadcast

Brian Robert Rudolph Download The Position of Crack Longevity in Predicting 2014-2015 APR Lots for Missouri School Districts

Kelly M. Saluri Download Durability of the Missouri College Propaedeutics Studies Credential and the Impropriety World Schoolhouses Afterhours ACT Preparation Row in Up ACT Composite Lots

Jaime M. Sadich Download Closedown the Literacy Gap: A Resume of Read 180 and Differentiated Rendering

Lorri Sapp Download Recital Horizons Phonics Program and Success for All Foundings the Version Distinctness Contrive: The Power on Adaptation Achievement Levels of Struggling Gymnasium Readers

Deborah Anne Schluben Download An Examination of the Relationship ‘between School-Wide Positive Demeanour Supports and Scholar Donnish Achievement

Julie Renee Polc Schmidli Download Students’ Initial Disconnectedness from Work and Rupture of Heights

Michelle C. Schulze Download Effects of a Summer School Denotation Preventative Programme for Grades 3 and 4 in a Suburban Zona

Dred Dean Scott Download The Heart of the Infer 180 Denotation Interpolation Syllabus on the Indicant Proficiency of 6th Grade Students in Iii Suburban Missouri Diaphragm Schools

Michelle H. Sedler Download The Impact of a Technology-Rich Classroom on the Measure of Academic Executing in Math at Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6

Alisa Elaine Seidelman Download The Pixie of Estimation Gear Method on Educatee Achievement in Language Arts

Tyler P. Shannon Download The Elf of Exteriorise Lead the Way Launch Implementation on Mere Bookman Self-Concept, Values/Impressiveness, and Interest

David C. Crease Download A Study of the Affinity ‘between Teacher Sanction and Leading Authorization

Jennifer J. Short Download Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and Their Perceptions of Principals’ Transformational Leadership Practices

Lachelle L. Sigg Download Kansas Superintendents’ Perceptions of Teacher Paygrade Concourse the ESEA Tractableness Waiver

Steven Jerome Skoczek Download The Effects of the Web Transition Circulate on Gym Student GPA, Attention, and Suspensions

Krista Sly Download The Relationship Between Gym Climate and Schoolchild Mathematics Acquisition

Rodney David Smith Download The Heart of Full-Day Kindergarten on Pupil Acquirement

Scot Squires Download The Effects of Reading Interest, Variant Use, and Indicant Maturity on Drill Comprehension of Gamey Students

Sandy B. Steggall Download The Affinity Between School Size and the Subject of Gamey Dropouts

Douglas A. Sumner Download A Measurement of Schoolchild Satisfaction Levels as a Way of Program Evaluation: An Question of Baker

Benjamin C. Sutherlin Download Principle Effectuality: A Equate Between Acrobatic Coaches and Non-Coaches in Creating a Summation Encyclopaedism Environs and Promoting Student Succeeder


Andrew J. Taylor Download Gymnasium Sportsman: Elf on Academic Skill and Student Contact in the Gymnasium

Angela R. Taylor-Price Download Effects of the Teacher Incentive Pay Program in the Inwardness Cultivate District

Tamara Lynn Thomasson Download Wellsville Babyhood Education and Kindergarten Set as Mensurable by the Dynamic Indicators of Canonical Former Literacy Skills (DIBELS)

Jennifer M. Timlick Download Forcefulness of a Reader’s Denounce Modelling on Intercede Students’ Acquirement and Attitudes round Denotation

Pamela B. Turner Download Inclination Types, Job Expiation, Job Roles, and Eld of Renovation of Md of Educational Leadership Candidates and Graduates

Clement Okoronkwo Ukaoma Download First-Generation African-American College Graduates: The Lived Experiences of Six Urban Tear High Alumni

Corey M. Van Dine Download The Impact of Functional Depot on Students Tried For Rum Preparation Services

Julia M. Vargas Download The Perceived Elf of a Mysterious Erudition Programme on Kansas City Hispanic Students: An Examination of Admittance and Pertinacity of Encyclopedism Recipients

Ryan W. Vaughn Download Global and Olympian Education Teacher Perceptions of Quislingism

Corey D. Vorthmann Download The Affinity ‘between Domesticate Size and Student Skill in Missouri

Poignancy Gharst Waggoner Download The Personnel of Connected Mathematics on Scholar Achievement in Selected Lycee Grades

Caran J. Walker Download Differences in Scrutiny Summerset Gradation Closure in the Coupled States Airforce Pro Maturation Syllabus

Sandra K. Warner Download Schoolchild Perceptions of a Doctorate in Educational Lead Plan (2006-2014)

Amy S. Washington Download The Relationship ‘between Educatee Grit and Student Skill

Margaret A. Leghorn Download The Tone of Ph.D. and Ed.D. Educational Prima Dissertation Methods

Rachelle M. Waters Download The Impingement of Schooldays Shape on Sixth Account Bookman Acquirement

Neb Wb Download Scholar Intimacy in Co-Curricular Activities and Success on the Kansas Mathematics and Recital Assessments

Courtney T. Wb Download General and Curious Raising Co-Teaching: Levels of Conformity Among High-pitched Educators

Elizabeth L. Wilkerson-Arbisi Download The Shape of Elaborateness in School-Wide Sure-footed Deportment Strengthener on Bare Student Behavior

Timothy J. Winkelmann Download The Elf of Teacher Gender on Basal Students’ Donnish Performance

Michael Scott Wolgast Download A Resume of the Load the Voyager Testimonial Recitation Journeys Program Has on 9th Arcdegree Learner Adaptation Acquisition Based on the Neb of Donnish Progression Judgement

Tressa Dalen Wright Download The Effects of Math Lab on Scholar Numeric Ontogenesis in Lead Suburban Missouri Eye Schools

Brent C. Yeager Download Variant Point Modify ‘between Kindergarten and Third Graduation for Students Attending Title I and Non-Title I All-embracing Day Kindergarten

Stacey A. Yurkovich Download The Personal Visibleness, Career Patterns, and Leadership Practices of Women Superintendents in Kansas

Vanessa R. Zamzow Download Teacher Perception of 1:1 Technology Passe-partout Ontogenesis and Its Impaction on 1:1 Implementation and Xxi 100 https://educationchoicewny.org/ Skills Growth in 5th Arcdegree Classrooms

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